3pc.info is the home of the peer 2 peer pervasive computing project that has been initiated by Christian Becker, Gregor Schiele, Marcus Handte and Arno Wacker at the Universität Stuttgart. Since all members of the team have moved to other universities in 2007, this project is no longer active. Most team members are still working actively in the pervasive computing research area. For more information on recent activities checkout the activities of Christian Becker and Gregor Schiele at the Universität Mannheim, Pedro José Marron and Marcus Handte at the Universität Duisburg as well as Torben Weis and Arno Wacker at the Universität Duisburg. For the time being, we are maintaining an updated list of relevant publications on the papers page


The 3PC project was partially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) during the second and third phase of the DFG Priority Programme 1140 (Middleware for Self-organizing Infrastructures in Networked Mobile Systems). In addition, the 3PC project received additional funding by Daimler Chrysler Research.